Wine Tour

A food and wine journey between the vineyard and the millstone on Etna

The art of cultivating grapes on Mount Etna has ancient origins and it is mentioned as far back as 1596, in the work of Andrea Bacci “De Naturali Vinorum Historia” that the ashes from the volcano also contribute to the quality of wine cultivated on the hills surrounding Catania.

You will be guided through our territory to discover the history and culture, and to enjoy its fragrances and flavours.

The Tour starts with a visit to the traditional “Palmento”, an old building used in winemaking. This will be followed by a wine-tasting of our authentic artisan wines, all produced with the maximum respect of nature and territory, accompanied by tasting of local products.


4 wines 28,00 € p.p.

5 wines 32,00€ p.p.


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