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Etna Bianco DOC

From Carricante grapes (70%) and other native vines (grecanico, dorato, minnella Bianca, zù matteo, inzolia). The aroma and strong fragrance of orange blossom, ginestra etnea and apple. The wine is of natural fermentation, with a well balanced structure, long lasting, with a good acidity and specific minerals, also owing to the rich microelements found in the volcanic territory.

Etna Rosato DOC

From Nerello Mascalese, maceration in grape skins for 3 hours, natural yeast fermentation and refining process in steel barrels. With a rich fragrance followed by an intense pleasant flavour of red fruit. We have decided to make a more complex and full bodied wine which can be served with important dishes offerring more than other popular rosè wines.

Etna Rosso DOC

From Nerello Mascalese grapes (90%) and other native vines (mantiddatu, bracati, minnella, nera, nerello cappuccino). The grape skins are left to macerate in the must for 12 days and fermented with natural yeast. The vintage year, processing techniques and refining process in chestnut barrels rather than oak ones, ensure this Etna Rosso an appealing and original taste.



To satisfy the need of an everyday wine we have decided to produce a young Nerello. A red wine of spontaneous fermentation and short maceration of 2 days and 3 nights. The wine is well balanced, smooth and fresh. It is easy to match with meals and pleasant to taste.

Fifty Fifty

It is an original blend, grow the Minnella and Nerello Mascalese vines, autochthnous varieties of mt Etna, by hand at 750m a.s.l. The Minnella grapes macerate on the skin for 4 days, Nerello Mascalese is vinified in white. The grapes are soft-pressed and undergo to a spontaneous fermentation. We produce 800 bottles.

Etna Wine Tour

The Tour starts with a visit to the traditional “Palmento”, an old building used in winemaking, this will be followed by a wine-tasting of our authentic artisan wines.